Corona V: the synthetic virus

The world has new ways of confrontation that we have not yet understood. And partly because mass culture, the mass media, remains strong in other ways.

The conventional sense of one country against another country, with this idea that it is countries that are confronting each other, does not show that they are really interests.

But on the other side of the struggles, there are also great affinities that define agreements.

When you're talking about global capital and interests that go beyond borders that are painted like China or the United States: look at the Nike label and ask yourself where it was made.

So the other scene of governments and the articulations of governments and also the powers that are there, different types of powers: the world is living in times when those confrontations are no longer truly between countries but in relation to the interests of those who they are hegemonic in their general agreements and the mass that has to be led, has to be carried, has to be used and if it is the case, as it has been before, sacrificed.

Furthermore, it must be understood that the Chinese nomenclature has its own project, I repeat, its own project.

But the detail is that the new mass media allows the mass to be led avoiding, if necessary (at another time it could be the opposite) avoiding, I say, the vital sacrifice.

And it is clear that this would seem to affect the economy; But remember that crises are great capital-enhancing elements that also promote "purification".

"Telecommuting," for example, is encouraged, thereby killing more than two birds with one stone: they isolate people in the real and confine them to the virtual controllable; They will save operating costs by improving profitability and force the transition to digital in those areas where it is not consolidated.

On the other hand, that the price of gold rises this month. You just have to see the trend in the year.

The price of gold consolidated around $ 1,400 per ounce in June 2019. Take a good look at the table.

Those who bought gold, the truly few who bought a lot of gold, evidently knew what was going to happen almost a year earlier. These things are planned and are for the curious dates on which they occur. Watch out they become predictable guys. The latter, with the arrogance that they are, will annoy them.

And the futures price of gold as of March, which reached up to $ 1,700 an ounce.

And the fluctuations in this high month, when the price falls, ask why and towards what investment is it directed.

Who has gold?

At the same time that the shares go down. What are the interesting ones to buy on the downside and are they in strategic lines?

I understand that there is already a trend towards a kind of autism in the face of social issues, precisely caused by what is euphemistically called "social networks" that lead to the fact that in a meeting, as in a cartoon, they are embedded in the new silly boxes that are mobile phones, now, thanks to the move of the coronavirus, they promote the phobia of the other, social isolation. Because being out of the network, being in the real world and not in the virtual one does not make them controllable.

 And to think that there was ever "faith" in the "critical mass".  Today we see it: pure dry mass.  And finally everyone keeps looking towards where the first, salaried, began to look.

 We are living that world: there are those who calculate it and many others live it.

 These are the "wars".

 We believe that what we see on the cinema screen is what is there and we do not turn to see the projector.

 It is not wrong to have at least some historical memory.  For example, the alliance opened in its time between the empire and the papacy.  The governments belong to the politicians (papacy) and apart from the economic interests, the hard ones, the real ones, not the local ones but the global ones.

 In China the party nomenclature aspires to both.  So do we better understand Trump and what he stands for in that order?

 In this intention of synthesizing the political and the economic in one, the struggles are presented, as an example of "peaceful" struggles, the confrontation against Huawei of Android ... that is, of Google.

 Politicians usually depend on economic interests and from there they negotiate.  China, USA, Russia have divisions, I repeat, divisions for cyber warfare.  A division is between 10,000 to 15,000 troops in a field that mainly includes algorithms and programs.  It is a lot of people.  Are these people busy or idle?

 Among other things, they create credible profiles on the networks.  They still fail certain details, because they assume that the dough simply follows the carrot.

 I assure you that they're not surprised at the enormous success they have had in this which has been carefully planned by psychopaths, their mercenaries and allies.  And as we know, they are always ready for anything: playing with genes, killing presidents like JFK and a long etc.

 And if, beyond governments, the interests, which for example did not blink at dropping two atomic bombs in cities in the Second World War, when they could have dropped them close enough to be seen, what they needed was to confirm the hypotheses and experiment  .

 The Matrix is ​​not in the future, it is a metaphor for this, today.

 And the future after this, what can be generated from the network and what needs to be identified and controlled, what could it be?

 But I assure you, that will come.  In the meantime, social control when necessary.

 Part of the experiment this time or another would be that the networks collapse and the Darkness effect occurs.

 I repeat, this has not only been social control, it is also taking control of downward actions in strategic areas.

 Well, the digital mass society, with thinking people included, has yielded the analysis.

 This is in part the effect that many universities have turned them into a factory for professionals and taking orders from corporations and the state.  And reflection, rationality has been excluded from them, as they are not profitable.

 To conclude (moral):

 So the Corona V is the subterfuge for the staging of the new war and control in the networks.

 There are those who imagined the third world war as a deployment of intercontinental missiles.

 The idea of ​​confrontation between countries.

 The confrontation is between interests.  But they have reached agreements, except China whose nomenclature aspires to power not only political.

 I conclude: they see the film so well mounted on the screen and it does not occur to them to turn to see the projector.  Leap of faith in the cloud of targeted disinformation.

 36 groups in the world have shed the pandemic by stocking up on gold more than a year ago to buy shares down;  plus the effect of what real wars will be, not intercontinental missiles.

 The Chinese nomenclature wants to own the world clan.

 And they don't joke around, they don't play games.

 But who won?  China:

 "They wanted war, there you have it" 他們 想要 戰爭 , 那裡 有 戰爭

 Will it be possible to sacrifice a few inclusive and to begin with, for the sake of the "party"?

 Fear and deficiencies.  But the power is from fear.  Let you believe what makes you wait.  The power that can kill.

 It has never been new, the new is the medium.  And that the medium becomes the message, which tells you that in the end (the message) justifies the means.

 As always, the strong will end up being stronger and the fools ...

 It fits the description of Arthur Baer about Christian Wilmore: "He was born an idiot and has had a relapse"


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