The plandemic attack

At Ecuador, the government of President Lasso, a banker sympathetic to Opus Dei, establishes an unconstitutional order to force people to be vaccinated. Besides the business, which is not important, thanks to the deception of the new religion of public health, the idea is to build a tyrannical order. This order, which is camouflaged in disinformation, tries to make people submissive. There are collateral issues within the submission campaign. From the simplest ones like trying to prevent traditions such as the burning of monigots in the passing of the old year to the new year. All with arguments that seem legitimate but are used in order to dominate. To make the people, the flock, submissive. This is how it was practiced more than once, for example in the concentration camps with the gas chambers.
The media, the honest journalists, intimidated, cannot investigate. If they did it in a proper way, they would identify that doctors linked to vaccination are pressured not to follow up on adverse effects, for example. That case numbers are manipulated. That diagnoses are biased. Among other aspects.
They succeed because people of good faith, and 'experts' who have ceded their judgment precisely to faith in a mercenary science, fail to understand their determinations.
Do psychopaths and their henchmen succeed? Despite their rigorous and detailed calculation, they fail to notice the obvious.
It's a big gamble, the biggest yet. But the winner takes all. And the winner is... let's just say that, ultimately, it's not a gambler.


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