From faith sellers and their allies. The evil is inside?

For how long have we psychologists known that we have studied Freud and his antecedents, that suggestion individually achieves not only emotions, but ideas identified as perceptions, that is to say as real, there in the world and in one.

 And that is thanks to the contraptions of the manipulation of what Freud called the system of perception / consciousness, which allows hypnotic states to be generated and their credible, indubitable effects for those who live them.

 This action aimed at influencing perceptions and undoubtedly actions, individually has its form, but in the social field, that same induction program takes on a special power since it is replicated from many positions.  It is no longer just the inductor and its structure, but there are replicants who assume that role as they are also addressed by the slogans.

 I am convinced that Freud would have another look, of suspicion, about this coronavirus, social isolation and its noble causes.  There are his writings on culture.

 But it is as if they were not, at this time when the project of "do not think, consume" is established.  Certainly in a new phase.

 A look of suspicion as Foucault's would be, or Lacan's irony.  Which leads me to say that the world is almost devoid of people who have made their lives and what they have been developing, a consistent reference to think on the other side of the status quo.  Although Foucault questioned the idea of ​​author and work, because this idea supposes a certain voluntarism and forgets that there is a social plot that produces thought.

 Today the social fabric has committed suicide by associating itself with what moves the hello of technology.  They say that they are the innocent algorithms, among other things, that they are there for our good.  So much consideration should worry.

 And just as when we see the magician on television, with a large audience, all extras, the statue of La Libertad disappears "before our eyes" and we wonder in surprise how he did it!  The question itself is naive: it is a trick!

 But there are those who do not see it.

 And in part they don't see it because of the prestige and faith in science.  The new faith with its apostles.

 Those apostles, just as in the ecclesiastical nomenclature, it is not the same to be a village priest than to be a cardinal;  those of us in the major leagues of science, let's open our eyes!  they are mercenaries.

 Who was behind the investigation of toxic gases for warlike uses in the first world war?  Who designed the atomic bombs used in Japan?  Who in their arrogance, who do not care to hide, play with genes for all kinds of things?

 They and the interests that finance them, do you think they do it for the love of knowing?

 Pride that you will lose them.  "Where danger arises, what also saves is born," Heidegger quoted Hölderling, in his question about technology.

 "Evil is within"?

 The proud close relative of indifference.  The absence of questioning his motives.

 Their gadgets that take them seriously, obviously.

 The thread of his power is the same as that of his weakness.

 Simple historical memory: brilliant Leonardo da Vinci is true, however look at his wartime gadget designs.  There is always a gauge and those who allow themselves to be gauged in the name of “science”.

 There will be the naive who see a Prometheus but what I see is Evil;  I do not want to name it so as not to induce a misunderstanding that increases the actions already on the rise, of the sellers of faith who participate in the treat.

 Chaos implies an unclear logic.  We name our inability to explain "chaos": the real as the impossible to be symbolized but which is there as a lack.

 With Plato let's say:

 Quod est videre per speculum in obumbratio.


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