Day and night

If you don't know where to go, let yourself go with a joyful heart. Doubt about tomorrow. Do not doubt what does not exist. Come closer to the unrepeatable present. Don't renounce it. To be overwhelmed is to be overshadowed, it is darkness. If the night exists and you can't light a light in it, don't think that the night ends and the day will come, you don't know that, you only know that this is how it has been. Don't deny the darkness; learn with it, from it. Live it with joy. "It's easy to say, mere words. Don't put it in that context. "Live it with joy, learn with it, from it". The light is coming, don't let it dazzle you, don't let it dominate you. Live it also with joy, saving yourself from flattery or vanity. Learn, don't get comfortable. There, in that way: light and darkness will not only be necessary for you, but even more, you will be in the one and in the other, without variation. Immense dream that prevents, dozing.


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